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Unity, Holism, Relaxation

Your Unique Full-Body-Massage in Wiesbaden.

Working hard most of the time, you deserve a massage treatment tailored to your individual needs. With our full-body massage you will leave the noise behind and dive into a world of relaxation and inner peace. Our empathic Soulistas will guide you to relaxation, with every step of the journey being tailored to your wishes and preferences.

We thrive in providing custom-made experiences for our guests and we offer a lot more than just a massage:

Enjoy our full body massage as a unique complement to your existing health and well being. With caring hands, our Soulistas will reconnect your body and soul and make you forget the outside world. Experience wellness-massages in a way never seen before.

Your Full-Body-Massage

45 minutes – 80 €
60 minutes – 100 €
90 minutes – 150 €


Choose a full-body-peeling before your massage

+ 20 € to your massage

Therapeutisches Kuscheln

Soul-Time de Luxe

90 minutes – 180 €

Soul-Time de Luxe

(includes a softpeeling before your massage and a twenty minutes 4-hands massage within your 90 minutes massage time)